Macaron 4-Tier Tower Assorted (33 Macarons)

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Each 4-Tier tower comes with 33 Macarons. Macarons arrive unassembled. Best to select one-day express shipping. Perfect for any occasion. Comes in a variety of flavors. For corporate or wedding color matching select "Match my event" and a specialist will call you to coordinate your flavors. 

During Spring and Summer months we may ship the towers not assembled in order to ensure successful transit. Minimal assembly required. 

We only ship orders Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Any order placed after Wednesday 2pm EST will ship at the beginning of the following week.

Expedited shipping is available for certain orders that need to ship on Thursday for Friday or Saturday delivery. Please contact us for more information.

All orders are shipped FedEx two day or overnight depending on your selection.

Your items will arrive with cold packs that will be completely thawed. Consumption is safe.

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Why Macaron Queen?

Macaron Queen's modern take on the world’s most famous French pastry is what makes Macaron Queen so unique, and her creations so irresistible. Her “secret recipe” has people constantly begging for more. And because her macarons are a guilt-free slice of heaven, foodies can enjoy more thanks to the reduced calories, fat, and sugar within Macaron Queen’s famous treats -- all without compromising taste.

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Our Macarons are

100% Guilt-free Treats

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Macarons have textures?

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