How Macaron Queen Became An Empire

Macaron Queen started from a small cart where passers-by did not know what a French Macaron was. The Macaron Queen was quick to win them over. Working tirelessly to supply an ongoing demand, she quickly became not only Atlanta's favorite macaron but won the title of best cheesecake from coast to coast from Food Network. Our macarons are often said to taste better than the originals from France, try one and see for yourself!


"I pride myself in looking at people’s faces when they eat our macaron and love it so much that I can say, it’s ok to have another one!"

Baking stardom did not come easy for Macaron Queen, but the best things in life never do. Macaron Queen may seem like an overnight success, but it took more than a decade of hard work, perseverance, and experimenting with recipes and baking methods to create the best macaron west of Paris! Macaron Queen studied the art of baking the perfect French pastry at its source; Paris. What started out as a personal passion for making delectable, edible treasures for close friends and family quickly became a business as Macaron Queen’s reputation continued to rise, like one of her famed flaky masterpieces in the oven.

Macaron Queen quickly found herself making these treats for private parties, celebrities, fashion spreads, music videos, and movie sets. Her modern take on the world’s most famous French pastry is what makes Macaron Queen so unique, and her creations so irresistible. Her “secret recipe” has people constantly begging for more. And because her macarons are a guilt-free slice of heaven, foodies all over the world can enjoy more thanks to the reduced calories, fat, and sugar within Macaron Queen’s famous treats -- all without compromising taste.

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Appearance on CNBC’s The Profit Kickstarts Explosive Growth...

Atlanta’s Macaron Queen recently took a big step forward in her mission to spread the joy of Macarons to as many people as possible thanks to an appearance on CNBC’s hit show, The Profit. The French pastry boutique -- owned by mother-daughter team Finia Jahangard and Nina Chteoui -- became an instant fan favorite, ranking as one of the show’s highest viewed episodes ever.But Macaron Queen’s desserts were popular with more than just the viewers, as show host Marcus Lemonis signed a deal to acquire up to 50% of the mother-daughter team’s business. That decision appears to be a good one.

Since the show’s airing, Macaron Queen has experienced consistent, nationwide growth through online sales and expansion into the franchising market,where the company can monitor partners to ensure their stringent standards for quality and service are maintained. Today, the French pastry boutique continues their national growth as they quickly become a household name. For more information on Macaron Queen, or to apply to become a franchise owner, please email