Covid-19 Disclaimer

Letter from our President

We want to express our hopes and prayers for anyone negatively effected by COVID-19. The safety and health of our customers, our community and our staff is always at the forefront of our concerns. In conjunction with the CDC we have established guidelines to insure the safety of all involved for food manufacturing. Our store hours have been modified yet we are open 7 days a week. Our online store is operating and not impacted however shipments that leave our facility may experience delays due to the carrier.

We would also like to thank all our customers for supporting us as we endeavored to our online shop in the most challenging of times. From launching just past December in conjunction with our Premier on CNBC The Profit, we have made it our mission to establish an enjoyable online experience for our customers. With the emergence of the epidemic came unprecedented demand for shipping. All carriers have halted their delivery service guarantees due to the COVID-19 crisis.

We strive to meet todays challenges by giving you information you need to know, our standard process times, as well as expected delays. Please read all notifications and make sure to report any delays with your package directly to the carrier so that it may be rectified in a timely manner.

By following the steps to recovering your package if your package is still not retrieved Macaron Queen is offering a re-ship guarantee for all reported claims to the carrier.

We hope these simple steps ensure our appreciation and willingness to help your purchase be an enjoyable experience.

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