Re-ship Guarantee

With the emergence of the epidemic came unprecedented demand for shipping. All carriers have halted their delivery service guarantees due to the COVID-19 crisis.

By following these steps in recovering your package, if your package is still not retrieved, Macaron Queen is offering a re-ship guarantee for all reported claims to the carrier.


RE-SHIP GUARANTEE (How it works)

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us offer a re-ship guarantee following these steps.

On many occasions a package is mis delivered, or can be retrieved if brought to the carriers attention in a timely manner.

Your macarons are shipped 1 to 2 day however they can handle 3-4 day shipment which may be enough time to resolve your issue.

Step 1: RECEIPT CONFIRMATION: Save communication with Macaron Queen, via Order Confirmation or Tracking.

Immediately report any mistake with the delivery address upon receipt of your confirmation email. If you or the recipient will be out of town unexpectedly please report to Macaron Queen PRIOR to departure. Any shipments already confirmed with tracking number are not eligible for Hold Ship or Refund. However you may log on to Fedex Delivery Manager to customize your delivery preferences for already departed shipments.

Step 2: TRACKING We ask that you diligently check your tracking number to see the progress of your shipment. If you notice a problem at the onset please report it to the carrier immediately.



Tracking in limbo:  If your delivery date changes to a later date unexpectedly, or does not progress, this may be due to an issue with the carrier. Reporting this immediately could facilitate your arrival. You may avoid additional hold times with the carrier by opting to pick up your package at a local Walgreens near you. Please ask that the carrier speak with dispatch and looks into the delay. If the package is delayed by one day your package will still be safe to consume. If the delay is due to the facility or lack of drivers selection a Walgreens pick up is the best option.

Should your package not be in transit, is deemed lost or will experience further delay resulting please contact us with your claim number and we will initiate our re-ship guarantee the following shipping date.

Tracking shows delivered: If your tracking notification shows your package as DELIVERED but you can not locate your package check the perimeter of your establishment. Note in many cases your package may be recovered by a neighbor. Please report the missing package to the carrier immediately by starting a claim. Save your claim number. Within 24 hours if your package is not recovered please contact us with your claim number and we will initiate our re-ship guarantee the following shipping date.