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Our Key Lime Macarons are the Key Lime Pie lovers gluten free crust free dream. Filled with our no bake cheesecake filling and real pressed Key Lime juice and Key Lime zest. Gluten Free

Try it this month of August in our Fruity lover assortment, or all year in our Chicago lover assortments.

Coming soon texture scale.  Macaron queen not only prides herself on being the ONLY online store with over 40 delectable flavors but Macarons with different textures. Like cake a double dark chocolate cake May be firm and dense versus a tiramisu that is light and melts in your mouth. Our Keylime macaron is a 7 on the texture in softness. 

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Why Macaron Queen?

Macaron Queen's modern take on the world’s most famous French pastry is what makes Macaron Queen so unique, and her creations so irresistible. Her “secret recipe” has people constantly begging for more. And because her macarons are a guilt-free slice of heaven, foodies can enjoy more thanks to the reduced calories, fat, and sugar within Macaron Queen’s famous treats -- all without compromising taste.

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Our Macarons are

100% Guilt-free Treats

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Macarons have textures?

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