2 piece gift box set of 6

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Parting gifts for your guests has never been so easy. One of the most popular Pinterest and Social media gift boxes can be ordered with a few simple clicks. 


Gift boxes are shipped flat for easy and affordable shipping.

Macarons come in sets of 12. Each set of 12 can be selected below and each set is one flavor. To mix colors you must order a minimum of 2 sets of 12. One set of 12 makes 6 gift boxes of 2 macarons per box.

Each gift box is 2 in. x 2 in x 2 in. dimensions to fit two Macarons perfectly and comes with 6 gold stretch loop bows. Easy assembly. 

Choosing your flavor: For more details on Flavor options please visit the À La Carte section of the website for detail photos of the macarons listed below. You will find colors of both the macaron and the fillings, flavors, and detailing filling information. 

All macarons are made with egg white so its not dairy free. If egg white is allowed in your diet and you want a dairy free filling we offer French Raspberry and French Strawberry. 

Your package will arrive on ice gel packs. The ice gel packs will be completely thawed upon arrival. No worries it is safe to eat and serve. Simply refrigerate your macarons to firm the filling, as we do not use any Soy, gum or bonding agents and our fillings are made with natural ingredients.

 Simply following the storing instructions on the menu if you wish to freeze your macarons until you are ready serve.

Please note we do not have any shipping delays but carriers do. So please order any special event items in enough time to receive them if any delay or lost package issues arise. We will not be responsible for missing your event date due to carrier mistakes.  


Standard Shipping Terms

All orders ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the exception of Holidays to avoid weekend delays with carriers. Any order placed after Wednesday 2 pm EST will ship the beginning of the following week. Need expedited shipping? Please contact Service@macaronqueen.com 

Free Fedex 2 Day Shipping - To qualify for free shipping your order must be over $75 (after any discounts have been applied) and contain Route Package Protection. Route package protection is enabled by default and will be added to your cart when you proceed to checkout. Free shipping is only available for one delivery address. 

For a small fee we offer expedited 2 Day and Overnight shipping with Fedex. Route Package Protection is optional but highly recommended. If you declined Route Package Protection you will not be eligible for our Re-ship guarantee.

Your items will arrive with cold packs that will be completely thawed. Consumption is safe.

Macarons are safe to travel up to 5 days at room temperature and safe to consume at room temperature however we do recommend refrigerating upon arrival to firm the filling and keep the moisture in the shell. If you experience any delay beyond 5 days please follow the guidelines to file a claim in your order notification.

For more information visit our FAQs Page

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