Why Macarons Are The Best Gift for Your Valentine

Everyone knows the conventional, tried-and-true Valentine’s Day gifts like chocolates in a heart-shaped box, jewelry that’s usually heart-shaped as well, flowers, and maybe a teddy bear if the gifter is feeling especially generous.


This year, though, try something new. Of course, macarons themselves are hardly new—the classic Macaron Parisien has been around since the 1830s. But, if you haven’t given the gift of smooth filling tucked between macaron shells, you don’t know what you and your special someone have been missing!


They taste like romance.

They taste like romance

If you’ve never had a bakery-fresh macaron, you’re absolutely in for a treat. The French macaron is traditionally made of two meringue-like cookies, made with almond flour to support the inner filling. You’ll find that there’s one signature flavor to this kind of macaron shell, even when the colors change or the filling is substituted with another flavor. The macaron batter is naturally gluten-free as well, meaning many more sweet tooths can enjoy this delectable treat.


Even so, each macaron offers a light, airy taste and texture that can only be described as romantic. A talented pastry chef can transform that initial batter into a delicate dessert to which no other can compare.


Our French macaron recipe takes this art a step further, creating macarons that not only offer the cloud-like texture of the conventional macaron but we create a natural flavor to reflect a color or draw its inspiration from another treat. For instance, the pistachio macaron features real pistachio not just green food coloring, and the chocolate includes just the right amount of cocoa powder rather than brown coloring.


Everyone has a favorite flavor.

Everyone has a favorite flavor

No matter who it is that you love, you’ll find the perfect macaron suited for other taste buds. For instance, it might be the Macaron Queen’s French-inspired take of an American classic: red velvet cake. This macaron features a cream cheese filling sandwiched between two cocoa-rich shells and, like its namesake inspiration, creates a delicious cake-like texture.


Perhaps your sweetheart is more fond of fruity flavors? They have plenty of options, too. The vanilla strawberry macaron, for example, offers a classic cookie texture and a gorgeous blush pink hue. The milky strawberry flavor is an undeniable fan-favorite, and for a real treat, try it frozen for a macaron that tastes just like ice cream.


Macarons go wherever you are.

Macarons go wherever you are

You can have lots of things delivered these days but some packages just seem impersonal. That’s certainly not what you want on Valentine’s Day! However, our macaron cookies can go near, far, wherever you are—or wherever your special someone happens to be. This makes Macaron Queen cookies the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those in a long-distance relationship, or who might be traveling during the holiday. Check out our signature sets for custom macarons, a la carte classics that offer a variety of flavors, or our macaron towers to really spoil your Valentine.


Once you place your order with us, you’ll build a box with your custom selections or have us pick our favorite complementary flavors, then add an optional personal note or gift wrapping. We’ll prepare your order and pack your macarons with care, sending them off to their recipient tucked in cold packs to keep them fresh until they’ve arrived at their destination. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about any delivery crises with our re-ship guarantee. We’ll get a fresh batch sent your way with Package Protection if your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit.


Of course, the macaron experience isn’t limited to couples sending them across a distance! You can get just as much joy out of treating your partner to Macaron Queen cookies by gifting them in person or even sending them to their workplace as a sweet surprise.


You know your macarons were made by the best.

You know your macarons were made by the best

Macarons are the perfect gift for your Valentine because you know they are created by the best in the business! Macaron Queen began with a small cart back when the general public didn't even know anything about French Macarons. But it wasn't long before the Macaron Queen had everyone hooked on these airy, delicious treats. When the demand for orders grew, the Macaron Queen soon became Atlanta's favorite macaron connoisseur but was also awarded the title of best cheesecake from Food Network. Moreover, our popular macarons are even considered to be better than the originals from France. See for yourself!


Whether you’re treating your Valentine to something that’s as sweet as they are or you’re celebrating another special relationship milestone, look no further than Macaron Queen for these delicious sweets.

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