Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Birthday During Social Distancing


Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Birthday During Social Distancing 

Birthdays are one of the most important (and celebrated) milestones in our lives. They measure how far we’ve come in life, remind us that we “leveled up” another year, and bring us together to sing, smile, and enjoy each other’s company. 


If you’re wondering how to celebrate your birthday while social distancing, or just looking for the perfect gift to give to guarantee a smile on someone’s face, this article will share some fun, practical, and affordable ways to enjoy a birthday while sticking to social distancing guidelines.

Let us know your thoughts about these ideas! Leave a comment below about your favorite birthday celebration and any ideas you’d like to share

Super Awesome Birthday Celebration Idea #1: Go Virtual

This one may be obvious, but that’s because it lets everyone join in on the fun, from anywhere without risking their health or safety. Plus, no one has to deal with traveling when you’re having a virtual birthday party.

You can use free video conferencing software like Zoom, Facebook, or Google Hangouts to bring people together for some remote fun. 

Play games like Jackbox or Virtual Cards Against Humanity, have a virtual karaoke party, or just get together to catch up over virtual birthday brunch! Just remember to set some lighting, have a playlist ready, and stock up on key party supplies like margaritas and yummy macarons.

When you do it right, a virtual birthday party makes any celebration pand-EPIC!

#ProTip: To really step it up a notch, make it a themed event and require everyone to dress appropriately. Personally, we like having everyone wear their favorite onesie.

Super Awesome Birthday Celebration Idea #2: Movie Night (Drive In Style)


If you’ve got a projector and a good speaker, you’re all set for your own drive in movie celebration!

If you don’t have a projector, try posting on your social media to see if any friends will let you borrow one. Take a sheet and attach it against the side of your house or hang it from some trees to give yourself a clean, smooth screen on which to project your favorite movie!

You can line up cars on the road (or lawn) to watch, or just set up lawn chairs 6 feet apart!

All that’s left is to pick the movie. For this, try and figure out what the birthday star likes best, and go with that!

#ProTip: If you want to have some fun, find some embarrassing photos of the guest of honor and put together a little collage on your computer. Play that as a preview to the main event to set the mood! Or, if you’re more of a sweet person, record some videos and birthday wishes from friends and family and play those instead. 

Super Awesome Birthday Celebration Idea #3: Throw a Parade


If you live close by, you can organize your friends to drive their own cars over to the birthday star’s house and surprise them with a parade of loud, decorated, honking cars! Don’t worry, you can totally use bikes, too. Just make sure you’re drawing attention so they know you’re outside!

Get some air horns, confetti, fireworks, bullhorns, and streamers and really let the birthday star know just how much they matter.

Just remember not to make a mess, someone has to clean it all up.

#ProTip: If you’re really good about communication and timing, get everyone to sync up the birthday person’s favorite song on Spotify or YouTube and press play all at the same time. Then go windows down and music way up to add an extra element of surprise and fun.

Super Awesome Birthday Celebration Idea #4: ‘Treat’ Them to Something Special

While we’re all raised on the “it’s the thought that counts” mentality, who doesn’t love getting a special treat on their birthday?

The best gift during this time could be something small, sweet, and delivered to your door. Maybe we’re biased, but to really stand out, try something unique -- like a box of Macaron Queen’s famous macarons!

Macarons make a lovely gift for any kind of situation no matter the current times. Flakey crust, creamy filling, and low calories make our gluten free desserts a true guilt free celebration with every delicious bite! They’re the PERFECT gift to give on someone’s special birthday.

#ProTip: These macarons are so good that they’re always gone too soon! Since this post is about celebrations, and click here for 10% off the perfect birthday macaron box now. Plus, we’ll even throw in free shipping on qualifying orders :) 

Super Awesome Birthday Celebration Idea #5: The (Scavenger) Hunt is On!

This one takes a little planning, but if you want to let someone special know you’re thinking about them on their special day, try putting together a scavenger hunt! This could be around the neighborhood, the city, or just the house. 

This can take the form of a list of clues, or one single clue that leads them to the next clue.

Or, if you’ve got some artistic talent, you can even make a treasure map!

The key is to come up with fun clues and creative hiding places to keep them guessing! 

Just make sure you don’t make the hunt too hard, or the birthday star may give up before they find their special prize!

#ProTip: The reward should be something memorable and fun! And of course, nothing stands out as memorable and fun more than Macaron Queen’s famous macarons! Click here to get 10% off your birthday macaron box now and get the party going properly! Plus, we’ll even throw in free shipping on qualifying orders :)

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