The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Personalized Macaroons for Your Special Someone

Macarons make a great gift for just about any occasion, but they seem just a little more special come Valentine’s Day. You can celebrate that special someone and the bond you share with them, encasing that affection within these delicate French cookies, each one hand-selected for a dessert that’s so much more.


With Macaron Queen cookies, you can choose from a variety of flavors, fillings, and designs to curate a collection that’s perfect for the one you love. Whether they’ll fall head over heels for a champagne buttercream or a filling infused with cappuccino cream, you’ll find a combination that can ensure they love this gift more than anything else in the world—except you, of course!


Celebrate the occasion.

Celebrate the occasion

For Valentine’s Day, in particular, you can find macaron shells and fillings that commemorate the holiday. So, what flavors do you associate with Valentine’s Day? That might be strawberries and champagne, or a box of chocolates. Or maybe it’s red velvet, a classic festive flavor.


However, you don’t have to stick to these classic Valentine’s flavors for your French macaron selections. Get creative! For instance, maybe you and your sweetheart split a slice of tiramisu on your very first date. Wouldn’t it be romantic to surprise them with a tiramisu macaron? Do they yearn for their late grandmother’s classic snickerdoodles? A snickerdoodle macaron shows not just that you listen, but also that you care.


In other words, remember the goal for any Valentine’s Day gift—to show your partner that you love them and celebrate that connection. Keep that in mind as you browse our digital bakery, and choose French macaron recipes that reflect this sentiment. Whether that’s a traditional holiday flavor or something more personal is up to you!


Select their favorite flavors.

Select their favorite flavors

Thanks to our bakers and the Macaron Queen herself, Finia, you can have any number of macaron styles without having to study the art of macaronage or craft perfectly stiff peaks of egg whites (unless, of course, you want to try your hand at a macaron recipe yourself!). But this doesn’t mean you can’t choose just the right flavors for your significant other—we’ll just do the work for you.


If you know your partner adores key lime pie, for instance, you might choose a key lime macaron. Do they wait all year for Starbucks’ iconic red cups and a warm peppermint mocha? Transfer that same flavor to a soft sandwich cookie. Are they a pistachio ice cream fanatic or a die-hard Nutella lover? We’ve got macaron cookies for them, too.


For an alternative twist, you can choose sweets based on your sweetheart’s favorite color, instead. Try a vanilla strawberry, raspberry lemon buttercream, or strawberry shortcake sandwich cookie for your real-life Elle Woods, or choose hazelnut caramel praline, lemon, or creme brulee for the partner who believes that all that glitters really is gold.


Make it personal.

Make it personal

Customizing your box of macaron cookies can help ensure you choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone. You might not realize, though, that you can take this a step further than colors and flavors!


Businesses know they can customize Macaron Queen sandwich cookie varieties with a logo or other branding. You could use that same concept, though, to customize your loved one’s macaron order with a loving personal note. Our custom order options give you a chance to choose custom colors or designs for a gift that’s truly perfect, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or another special event.


However you go about deciding between personalized macarons for Valentine’s Day or another occasion, Macaron Queen makes delicious options that are sure to make a statement. And, when you’ve chosen custom cookies tailored to that special someone, you’ll be certain that this message is “I love you.”

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