The Difference Between Macarons And Macaroons

Ever wondered what’s the difference between Macarons and Macaroons? Even though the two names are almost identical, these two cookies differ significantly from each other. While a macaron (pronounced mack-a-ROHN) is a colorful sandwich cookie, a macaroon (pronounced mack-a-ROON) is a mounded cookie made with shredded coconut. However, they do share one vital ingredient: whipped egg whites. And surprisingly, both are gluten-free. 

Here in this post, we’ll tell you the difference between the two cookies. 


Macarons are very popular cookies in France and many other parts of the world. These are meringue-like cookies made from almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. These light meringues are given a disc-like shape and are often filled with ganache, jam, or buttercream frosting. They have a crunchy shell-like surface and a chewy center. These cookies are regularly featured in food blogs and Instagram because of their attractive colors, ranging from pretty pastel pinks to vibrant blues. 


In 1533, French queen Catherine de' Medici's brought the recipe from Italy when she married Henry II of France. The word macaron is derived from the Italian word, maccherone, meaning paste. While there are several ways to make macarons, the French method is by far the most favored. Over the period, the macarons have undergone many changes due to the introduction of new flavors and colors. The macarons have now become very popular in North America and Asia.

What do Macarons taste like?

This French treat comes in various flavors, including raspberry, rose, pistachio, hazelnut, and lavender. The top of a macaron is smooth, which also tells about the expertise of the baker. When you take the first bite, it should feel chewy and soft with no air spaces in-between. When bitten, the cookies should be whole and not feel like many pieces. A well-made macaron should have a balance of flavors both inside and out.


Macaroons are made from shredded coconut held together by egg whites and granulated sugar. The batter is baked until it becomes golden brown. Once the cookies cool down, you can dip them in chocolate. These delicious cookies can be eaten warm from the oven, at room temperature, or even cold.


In 1533, macaroons made their way to France. Two centuries later, two Catholic nuns took refuge in the town of Nancy and started baking and selling macaroons. At that time, the Jewish community living in France adopted this recipe and swapped it in coconut. Since then, macaroons became an icon of Passover foods because they were made without chametz or leavened flour. Over time, these cookies spread throughout Europe’s Jewish community and became a treat that was enjoyed year-round. Since macaroons are hard and easy to transport, they became popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

What do Macaroons taste like?

Coconut macaroons have a delightfully crisp exterior with rich and buttery coconut flavor. They taste like the inside of an Almond Joy or Mounds Bar! These cookies are sweet and are often dipped in chocolate. They fulfill all the criteria when it comes to satisfying desserts.

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