Macaron Gift Ideas for Valentines: Why Macarons are the Best Gift for Your Valentines

If you’re considering macarons as your Valentine’s Day gift, you’ve come to the right place. No one knows macaron gifts better than our team at Macaron Queen! Now that you’ve made a great choice of bakery, though, you have another question to ponder: just what macarons should make up your perfect gift? No need to fear—we’re here to help you create the perfect package of macarons, too.

Opt for romantic colors.

Opt for romantic colors

With your Valentine top of mind, it makes sense to celebrate the holiday itself, and what better way than with a classic Valentine’s Day color scheme? Macaron Queen has plenty of options for colorful festive treats in various shades of red, white, and pink.

It’s no surprise that red velvet is a classic Valentine’s flavor, and that beautiful red hue is an ideal match. Other popular options will include vanilla bean, strawberry shortcake, coconut, raspberry white chocolate, and more. With any of these, your Valentine will know at a glance that you’ve put thought into this color scheme!

Favor some festive flavors.

Favor some festive flavors

Just like Valentine’s colors are a great touch for a macaron gift, so too are seasonal flavors. What festive variations are perfect for Valentine’s Day? Red velvet macarons inevitably show up here again—it really is a classic for good reasons, but it’s not alone in its holiday place.

Beyond red velvet, take some time to imagine your favorite flavors of Valentine’s Day. Is it strawberries and champagne, boxes of chocolates, or something else entirely? You’ll find just that in our macaron varieties, with French strawberry, champagne, double dark chocolate, and so much more!

Let us select the best combinations.

Let us select the best combinations

If you’re not sure of the direction you’d rather go in, remember: we’re macaron experts. With that knowledge, we certainly know how to combine their colors and flavors! We’ve used our expertise to put together all sorts of complementary varieties.

For instance, consider our macaron towers. You’ll find a variety of tasty flavors in combinations that we already know are delicious. In fact, there’s even one we call the Lovers Macaron Tower. Combining our princess cake and red velvet macarons, this creates a visual appeal and tasty flavor combination they’re sure to love.

Make something one-of-a-kind.

Make something one-of-a-kind

Maybe your Valentine is someone who knows and loves Macaron Queen already. How can you make sure you’ve gotten them a gift that they haven’t already tried? You can customize the gift entirely, of course!

With our build a box offerings, you’ll find that there really is an endless combination of macaron options. With a 15- or 25-piece set, you can select some of our favorite a la carte flavors to personalize your perfect present. What flavors will you decide upon? That’s entirely up to you!

Celebrate that special someone.

Celebrate that special someone

When you buy someone a Valentine, there’s a good chance you know them pretty well. So why not include a special personal touch with their tasty cookies?

For instance, maybe you could combine some favorite memories in the form of macarons. Pick out pistachio to represent the ice cream cone from your very first date, or lemon raspberry in homage to the drink you both loved on a particular holiday. Does she absolutely adore her morning cup of coffee? Surprise her with a cappuccino macaron, and be sure to brew a fresh pot that morning for an extra sweet touch.

Pick out a broad selection.

Pick out a broad selection

Maybe you’re still feeling uncertain. We get it—we‘ve got so many delicious macaron varieties that you might just struggle to narrow down some favorites! The good news is, you can dive in headfirst so neither you nor your Valentine has to decide.

Choose our 25-piece build a box option and select one of each flavor. You’ll even have a few slots left over for doubles of those that really caught your eye! This way, you’ll get to taste a little bit of all the macaron magic we have to offer. Instead of only trying a few bites, your loved one will only have to make one simple choice: which of these delicious cookies would they most like to taste first?

Use macarons as part of a larger gift.

Use macarons as part of a larger gift

We’ll tell anyone that the Queen’s macarons are a perfect gift for any special occasion. But why stop there? You can make this one element of a larger gift to really create a show-stopping arrangement. You can even use the macarons themselves as your source of inspiration!

For example, you might craft a portable night in Paris as a surprise for your special someone. Combine our French macarons with a bottle of the best champagne you can get your hands on, grab a baguette, some fruit and cheese, or authentic French cuisine, and set up your dinner and transport your partner across the Atlantic without ever straying far from home.

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