Introducing Finia, Our Amazing Founder And Her Journey

Finia Jahangard started the French pastry boutique Macaron Queen as a small venture. Both Finia and her daughter, Nina Chteoui, were fond of all things French. Soon, they developed a love for French pastries, especially macarons, as they were delicious to eat. After moving to the United States, the duo started to miss the authentic French macarons, as they were hard to find since many business owners considered them challenging to make.  

In Europe, macarons are one of the most loved French pastries. In fact, as per a study by recipe box company Gousto, French macarons are the most Instagrammed European food. 

Finia and Nina both took it upon themselves to prepare these cookies in the US so that people can enjoy them for any occasion and not just for special events. It took years of hard work and perseverance to attain mastery in baking methods to create the perfect French macarons. Finia studied the art of baking these pastries in Paris. At the very beginning, Finia started making macarons for some French chefs. After introducing her to people in the movie business, she delivered macarons to “The Walking Dead,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and the crew of the movie The Internship.

After receiving a positive response, she thought about starting a small shop in the busiest mall in Atlanta. At first, people thought they were selling beautiful soaps. However, it took a lot of effort and explanations to make people aware of these French delicacies. Given people's concern about allergies, she also has to explain that these delightfully sweet and moist bite-sized treats are gluten-free. According to Finia, each shell contains around 15-30 calories for one macaron. Macaron Queen makes dozens of delectable macaroon flavors, including red velvet, key lime, champagne, and French raspberry.

The small venture quickly gained fame and reputation. Her recipe was perfect, and the taste appealed to a lot of people. Her macarons quickly became Atlanta's favorite macarons, and she also won the title of best cheesecake from coast to coast from Food Network. After all, it is all about making the perfect meringue, mixing it flawlessly, and then using some delectable fillings. As per Finia, she avoids using fillers, GMOs, and soy to make the best-tasting macarons.

“People said it was an impossible cookie, and I wanted to make it possible—and perfect,” she said in an interview.

In 2017, Finia underwent heart surgery, and now her daughter handles all the matters of the company. According to Nina, she will not return to the fashion business and will work hard to make Macaron Queen a big success. Macaron Queen now serves these French macarons with various pastries, including macaron ice cream sandwiches, coffees, tea, beer, and wine. As of now, over 40 flavors are ranging from the traditional French feel to American Red Velvet cake and Key Lime pie. 

About Macaron Queen

We make dozens of delectable macarons, and they are often said to taste better than the originals from France. What started as a personal passion for making edible treasures for close friends and family quickly became a fast-growing business. We now make these treats for private parties, celebrities, fashion spreads, music videos, and movie sets.

Buy delicious French Macarons Paris online at Macaron Queen. You can reach out to us at (908) 867-8336. You can also fill our online contact form here.

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