How To Buy Macarons: 7 Tips For First-Time Buyers

Macarons are a classic French dessert that comes in an assortment of flavors with delicious fillings. If you've never experienced that first bite of a delicate, fresh macaron, what are you waiting for? It's time you expand your horizons with an order of macarons that will bring freshness right to your doorstep.

Whether you’re a first-time macaron buyer or a macaron connoisseur, you should know that not all macarons are created equal. It's important to know your facts and options about your shipping box of large or small batches of macarons that you're ordering for a special event or as the best gift for a loved one. Follow along with us for a few tips and tricks that all first-time macaron buyers have to know. Here's how to buy the perfect macaron for your event or just to tickle your tastebuds.

1. Let the experts pick something out for you.

Here at Macaron Queen, we offer carefully cultivated boxes of classic French macarons that you're sure to love. If you're new to the macaron game, you may appreciate having an expert walk you through a few different flavors so you can get to know these pastries without worrying about gluten or other nutritional needs. Just look for those seasonal flavors or bold combinations you love, and we can offer a macaron delivery service that will bring that assortment directly from our bakers to your doorstep.

2. Test fun flavor combinations.

Macarons are made with almond flour, egg whites, and sugar, include no gluten, and have unique fillings inside every cookie sandwich. The French chefs that invented these tasty treats love to test different flavor combinations to try something new. Don't be afraid to do the same as you're exploring the best macarons from local bakers. Enjoy raspberry filling in your dark chocolate macaron. Try pistachio flavors or red velvet delicacies. You can even get creative with s'mores cookies and marshmallow filling, caramel flavors with outstanding freshness, or mango and passion fruit combinations. You design your own shipping box, so you can try out fun combinations and unique macarons.

3. Go with the classics to get a feel for this dessert.

As you're experimenting with different flavors and filling combinations, it can also be good to go with a few classics. Try out double chocolate macarons for chocolate lovers. Or go the fruit route with passion fruit or citrus if you'd prefer something sweet. Enjoy vanilla flavors, coconut concoctions, lemon cookies, or a simple almond macaron. Look for signature flavors and textures in your shipping box that can give you an idea if you're a French macaron fan.

4. Know what event you're buying for.

Many individuals will invest in macarons for special events or momentous occasions. If you are buying for a big celebration, it's important to know what event you're splurging for. Are you planning to replace a birthday cake with a gluten-free macaron tower? Will these be the dessert at your wedding? Or are you simply looking for the best gifts to give at a corporate event? This will help you pick out the best flavors for your audience and make sure you have allergen-free or gluten-free products at a larger get-together. You can never go wrong with the freshness and deliciousness of a macaron bar.

5. Understand your audience.

When you're buying your macarons, be sure they're something the gift recipient will enjoy. For example, if your kids love brownies and peanut butter, get them chocolate macarons with peanut butter filling. Everyone will love the texture, moisture, and freshness of these tasty treats. Get to checkout with a cart full of macarons that will excite a room and please the person you're trying to celebrate.

6. Guarantee a speedy delivery for maximum enjoyment.

If you plan to buy your macarons online, you need to make sure they're going to get to you in the most effective way. Rely on companies that offer package protection and work with excellent shipping partners. Make sure each macaron reaches the delivery address with maximum freshness and moisture when they come in their own individual pocket with bubble wrap and plastic blister boxes. These pastries can sit at room temperature for up to five days, but you may want to stick them in the refrigerator or with an ice pack if it's been longer than that. Plus, the right plastic shrink packaging will guarantee package protection even with excess movement from nationwide shipping. Look for a flat rate to your delivery address with a ship guarantee that your macarons will get to you in the safest way.

At Macaron Queen, we do nationwide shipping right. We understand your tasty treats need more than standard shipping terms. We send you an order notification when your shipping box is on its way. We also offer package protection in case your one or two-day shipping doesn't get there by your specific date. If you order $75 of macarons, we'll even throw in free shipping to your delivery address. See how we do nationwide shipping differently when you buy your macarons with us.

7. Find a bakery you love and trust.

First-time macaron buyers will want to find the best bakery to offer these delicious delicacies. Macaron Queen wants to be that bakery for you. With our guilt-free, gluten-free macarons, you can enjoy great treats without the worry or hassle. We deliver freshness at a flat rate with a shipping box that will be delivered on your specific date with nationwide shipping. Wow your event with seasonal flavors or traditional macarons that will rival those made by French chefs. After years of perfecting our recipes, we're excited to help you find the macarons you love for all of life's special moments.

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