Delicious Macarons Delivered at Your Doorstep

Macarons are a sweet treat made of two almond-flour cookies with delicious ganache fillings in the middle. This delightful dessert is beloved by so many people around the world. Paris is the world’s culinary capital, so it makes sense that its famous macarons are sought after all over the world. But what if you live in Georgia, New York, or Michigan? Until now, you’ve had to either fly to Paris or settle for subpar supermarket imitations when it comes to your macaron orders.

The good news for you is that Macaron Queen has developed customizable, delicious macarons that come with nationwide shipping. At our online shop, you can make special orders for a variety pack of macarons made from quality ingredients, delivered right to your door. Get your delicious pastries in a reasonable delivery time to make any special event that much more exciting with an assortment of macarons.

Buy online with ease and get your simple macaron delivery!

Thanks to the internet and a global retail market, it's easier than ever to purchase true French macarons that can be delivered right to you. Check out our online shop to pick out your desired assortment of macaron treats that come with nationwide shipping to any delivery address. Explore seasonal flavors, classic fillings, or unique pastries for special celebrations. Order macarons for chocolate lovers or people who love some fruitiness in their sweet treats.

Have fun putting together small batches or large packages of macarons in custom flavors. Red velvet, pistachio, caramel, vanilla, dark chocolate, mango, passion fruit, or Oreo are just a few of the tremendous flavors we offer to give you the best cookie and filling combination for your order. Build your own macaron tower or order mini macarons that will be sent in a compact, secure shipping box right to your door. We guarantee freshness every time and specific delivery dates you can track with ease.

Get the orders delivered to your doorstep across the US.

While it may be a little impractical to get a French macaron straight from Paris with next-day delivery or standard shipping, you can rely on a great macaron delivery service right here in the states. When you order with Macaron Queen, you can get your desserts shipped to any delivery address within the continental United States. With many retail locations, we offer you guarantees that your shipping box with bubble wrap will make it in time for your special occasions at a low, flat rate.

Because of the perishable nature of our product and the filling, we take shipping seriously. To guarantee freshness, we try to send products with one or two-day shipping. Do note that macarons can stay in room temperature spaces for up to five days before losing the flavor or texture of the pastry thanks to preservatives. However, once they reach you, we do recommend sticking your order in the refrigerator to keep in the moisture for maximum freshness. Of course, things happen, and we can't always control unexpected weather or delivery delays. However, we do offer package protection and a ship guarantee so you know your order is safe with us. When your shipping box gets delivered, you'll be able to open up a perfect package on the right delivery date with your mouthwatering macaron order.

What sets Macaron Queen apart?

You have a lot of options for your pastry deliveries, and we truly believe Macaron Queen rises above the rest. Our unique recipes and seasonal flavors offer you the same high-quality macarons that you would get from real French chefs. All our macarons are gluten-free and made with 100% almond flour.

We take a unique approach to building each macaron. Every shell has specific ingredients beyond the traditional almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. Our fillings also have a different texture depending on what you're looking for. Get unique seasonal flavors, fun chocolate decorations, festive plastic shrink, and more when you shop our personalized collections. Starting as a single cart selling French macaron samples to visitors and evolving to running a full-scale business, the Macaron Queen team puts their heart into every subscription and order notification of your large or mini macarons.

Choose your assortment of macarons for special events and celebrations.

Get the perfect macarons delivered to you for all the special events in your life. Replace this year's birthday cake with an exciting, creative macaron tower. Serve your guests red velvet macarons with dark chocolate ganache as a creative pastry at your wedding. Order for a specific date for your graduation or a corporate event. We love helping you celebrate birthdays or a casual Friday when you checkout your macaron order that will be delivered right to your door with reliable shipping partners.

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