5 Tips for Ordering Macarons as Gifts

Macarons are always the perfect gift for any occasion and all your special events. But if you don't know how to order them or what the best options are, you might risk wasting money and time. Make sure you're creating the perfect macaron gift box with the help of experts and by keeping that other person in mind.

Enjoy ordering a fun package of macarons for any special occasion. Before you reach checkout, look for advice and suggestions to make your birthday gift, celebratory treat, or Valentine's Day surprise the best it can be for that special someone. No matter who or what you're ordering your macarons for, you'll want optimal freshness for this tasty dessert that comes in all your favorite flavors. Here are five tips on how to order macarons as gifts.

1. Rely on the best macaron bakery or delivery service.

There are plenty of great bakeries out there that offer a tremendous assortment of goodies, including delicious macarons. Have fun exploring and taste-testing different ones to find your favorite macaron flavors that can be great for personal or corporate gifting. You can go to a local pastry shop or consider ordering your selection online. There are plenty of mail-order dessert options that can get optimal freshness delivered to your door. Look for overnight shipping capabilities or ways to order classic, world-famous macarons for your dessert bar. The possibilities are endless for great macarons that come from bakeries that you love to support, whether they're close by or on the other side of the country.

2. Pick out your favorite flavors.

Once you've found your favorite bakery, it's time to start picking out flavors for your macaron gift boxes. Macarons are made of two almond-flour cookies that sandwich a filling or ganache. This means there are plenty of different taste and flavor combinations for you to try. Chocolate lovers can get macarons with dark chocolate or milk chocolate cookies with raspberry filling. Enjoy a nutty flavor with chestnut and a strong hint of almond. Try creative macarons that taste like cotton candy, passion fruit, marshmallow, or caramel. You can even explore seasonal flavors that will be perfect for a summer bash or the office Christmas party. As you're picking out your assortment for the macaron bar, be sure to taste small batches to find the flavors that speak to you.

3. Know how many people are going to enjoy your treat.

Before you make your official macaron gift order, you need to know how many people are going to be enjoying this dessert. If you're creating a full macaron bar for a corporate meeting, you'll be ordering a larger package with plenty of options. On the other hand, you may just be offering a gift box for someone's birthday or other special events. That will mean a more intimate box of macarons that you pick out for that person individually. Knowing your audience will help you pick out the best assortment of these almond-flour cookies for your package. This will also help you plan for any allergies if you need to get gluten-free macarons or go easy on the cocoa powder, for example.

4. What is the special occasion?

When you're shopping for someone's wishlist, it's customary for you to know what special events you're celebrating. This will help the macaron seller plan their package as well. If you need finger food for a baby shower, maybe you can explore mini macarons, whereas larger weddings may need larger, more elaborate macarons. This will also help you determine your shipping date and what seasonal flavors you may consider. Having more information will help you give the best social or corporate gift delivery of your macarons.

5. Keep everything fresh and delicious.

Ordering any food item as a gift means optimal freshness is a top priority. Make sure you're ordering with appropriate next-day shipping or 2-day air delivery. You'll also want to keep your macarons in a refrigerator or with an ice pack depending on the style and flavor. Whether you're storing mini macarons for a fancy event or a macaron gift box for an exciting special occasion, you want to be sure they are just as delicious when you present the gift.

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