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Custom Orders

Macaron Queen’s exotic, gourmet macarons are served fresh at our three convenient locations, with prices starting at only $4.47. In our carts due to FDA regulations, we are only able to sell pre-assorted packages, however at our Boutique Bars you will find a large array of products, hand crafted french pastries and desserts baked daily by our master chef. We are more than happy to accommodate a custom order with unlimited options, flavors and quantities for every occasion! Below is just a peak at what Macaron Queen has to offer. Create a Custom Order Now

1.5oz Pre-Assorted Package:


3oz Pre-Assorted Package:

4.5oz Pre-Assorted Package:


7.5oz Pre-Assorted Package:

10.5oz Pre-Assorted Package:

11.5oz Pre-Assorted Package: $29

13.5oz Pre-Assorted Package:

16oz Pre-Assorted Package:

Gourmandise 9-Piece Specialty Pack:

9-Piece Exotic Flavors & Fresh Fruit Open-face:

2-Piece Open-face Macarons with Fresh Fruit:


Purchasing Options

Option 1 Click Here to View Our Boutique and Browse Pre-Assorted Packages available at Our Retail Location. Option 2 Click Here to Submit a Request for Custom (unlimited flavors, options and quantities) or Large Orders (more than 50). Please allow two day lead time. Option 3 Click Here to Contact Us about wholesale and franchising opportunities.